In my many different circles of friends, most enjoy camping and backpacking.  And most have vastly varying lists of “camping essentials.”

On Labor Day weekend, we went mini-backpacking with an old friend of Pseudo Sister’s, and a new friend of ours: Suzi.  And so we were exposed to a new person’s take on camping essentials.  We discovered that for Suzi, a full size Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant is essential for mini-backpacking.

Brother Dear was appalled/intrigued by Suzi’s choice, and decided to test the Cashmere Mist out.  Exactly why he decided to do so on his neck I don’t remember.  Maybe he hadn’t scrubbed his scruff in a while and it was starting to stink?  I don’t think even Ms. Karan can help with that kind of stank.

This is Suzi.  She’s our new best friend, and we want her to come back to Babb, with her darling mini toiletry bag and her full size Cashmere Mist, and go backpacking with us again soon.

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