The winds have been with us for the last few days, bringing another change in the season.  Fall’s colors have mostly blown away.

The wind brought rain, too, and rainbows, a little gift from Howard.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a rainbow pulsing with so much light that it reflected in the Mirror, but this one did.

This morning, I saw that yesterday’s rains also brought snow back to the mountains.

And now that it is October 12, I am okay with that.  This means that we’ll soon be done extracting honey, and that the trucks that will take the bees safely to California for their winter sojourn will soon arrive.  I will get to the bottom of my inbox, of my to-do list, of my filing.  And I will pour pumpkin eggnog into my coffee each glorious morning, and try to take a moment to be grateful for the harvest, for the lists, for the very full life I lead.

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