Yesterday, we discussed how we packed up our bees and sent ’em south to California for the winter.  Several pictures of Brother Dear and Honeydew, cautiously walking around on top of three pallets of bee hives on the flatbed of a semi, at least twenty feet off the ground, led to several emails to me today.  How do they get down? the emails asked.

Very good question.

Brother Dear will demonstrate.  Therefore, his mother should cease reading this blog.  Thank you, mother.

I rather inexpertly drove the forklift over to the semi and raised the forks to collect Honeydew and lower him to the ground.  I did not do a very good job.  In fact, Brother Dear will give his version here:

“It was utterly macabre.”

As a result, Honeydew took over control of the forklift from me and raised the forks and then thrust them over the top of the semi and the hives for Brother Dear to climb onto.  See, above picture.

Honeydew then retracted the forks to lower Brother Dear safely to the ground.  I don’t think OSHA or our insurance provider would have been too impressed by Brother Dear’s antics on the way to the wonderful, solid Earth, but they amused me greatly as I snapped away.

As he approached the good, solid Earth, Brother Dear then gave me a goofy hand gesture which I interpreted to mean: hey, aren’t you glad you and Honeydew played by the rules and paid into Worker’s Comp for the 4th quarter?

And then Brother Dear stepped off the forks onto the welcoming Earth and we all went to breakfast, while Chuck and the bees went to California.

And that’s how you dismount a flatbed semi loaded three hives high.

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