Previously, we discussed our-new-best-friend-Suzi’s camping essentials: a full size Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant.  Very amusing indeed.

Today is a much different look at what another dear, dear friend considers camping essentials .  We talk about Layla Jane pretty frequently on this blog, which makes sense, as she is one of our oldest friends.  To be clear, we are discussing longevity of friendship here – LJ is not long in the tooth, though we do believe that she will be a delightful old lady, one day, probably wearing a floppy hat and little else and sitting on a porch somewhere, telling it like it is in her musical, perfectly cadenced Alabama/Tennessee drawl.  Brother Dear once said LJ has the most beautiful accent in the world, and I do not disagree.  Sometimes just listening to her speak brings me home.

But I digress.  Layla Jane is lovely and all, but we are here to discuss her camping essentials.

Glacier County Honey, peanut butter, and tortillas. Sugar, protein, and a tasty, easy way to get it down?  I think she’s off to a pretty good start.

Backpacking stove, Glacier County Honey, and Counter Assault bear spray? Hmmm.  I think this girl’s a Hot Bun, y’all.  Very professional indeed!

What do you think of LJ’s camping essentials? What are yours?

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