On the first snowfall of the winter

Oh the first snowfall of the year

The first snow of the year

Is just about the best snow

Well I’ll say any snow

Is a pretty good show

No, this is not a second post about my love affair with Christmas music. {Collective sigh of relief!  I heard it!}  But it does mesh quite well with today’s post:

Yesterday, we received the first snowfall of the winter.

Technically, winter does not begin until December 21.  But such is the problem with the law of averages.  For the entire world, winter must start sometime.  But Florida, for example, experiences minimal winter, and their balmy December 21s probably outweigh their -40 December 21s.  We have the opposite issue in Montana, which experiences about nine months of winter.  And for my purposes, I believe it began yesterday.  So, it’s time to bring the lawn furniture in, to split wood, to lift the Crock Pot off the highest shelf and place it in its place of honor on the countertop, where it will remain available for delicious stews and chilis until at least mid May.

It’s time to give thanks that harvest is over, and that the moisture that will make next year’s honey crop is already falling from the sky, flake by fluffy flake.

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