I said yesterday on Facebook that I was going to get pictures of our cozy new tshirts and sweatshirts, and of our beautiful new gifts baskets, up on our website no matter what.

Well, I should have known better than to say that.  By the time the insanity of Sunday (scrubbing, dusting, mopping) came to a halt, the light was fading fast over the Rocky Mountain Front, and Glacier’s peaks casts shadows on our new products.

But, no worries, I thought.  I’ll post the shadow-y pictures as placeholders so that folks can get at least an idea of what I’ve been working so hard on for so long.  I know they’re just gift baskets, y’all, but it is amazing the time that goes in to finding a reusable, attractive basket that doesn’t break the bank, just for starters!

At any rate, once I uploaded the shadowy pictures to my computer, our internet connection went on the fritz.  It was rather windy here yesterday.  It is often rather windy here, and our satellite internet connection apparently can’t handle uploading full resolution pictures in the wind, though it can upload the thumbnails for blog posts.

The point of all this is that I didn’t fulfill the promise I made on Facebook.  But since I can post the thumbnails (the wind continues to blow), I thought I’d get your feedback on the gift baskets.  Do they offer the Glacier County Honey Co. products that you would want to send as a gift?  We are happy to accommodate custom orders, but might as well offer what sells, right?  Constructive criticism or reams of heavenly praise will be happily considered.

Here they are:

This is the Queen Bee Basket, the largest of the gift baskets, which are all reusable, wire framed chocolate brown raffia.  I really like them and have already used them for a number of birthday gifts!  The Queen Bee Basket is for the honey lover, as it contains our famous 1# flip top, no drip vacuum seal container and a 3# container to refill it with.  The largest of our fabulous 100% beeswax pinecone candles completes the gift.  The Queen Bee Basket is $40 and ships in the large priority flat rate box for $14.50.

I want to call this basket “Miss Those Georgia Piney Woods,” ’cause I do, but I bet y’all can help me think of a more appropriate name for a Montana honey company gift basket.  This one includes a 1# of the best honey you’ve never tasted, and all three of our pinecone candles, the runaway favorite of our beeswax products this year.  Miss Those Georgia Piney Woods is $35 and ships in the medium priority flat rate box for $1o.70.

This is our Christmas basket, and again, I’m asking for your help in naming it.  Jingle All the Way?  This basket features a 1# of our honey, 100% beeswax ornaments in the shapes of a tree and a star, and 100% beeswax Santa and Snowman figurine candles.  Jingle All the Way is $25 and ships in the medium priority flat rate box for $10.70.

And finally, the Worker Bee Gift Basket, featuring a 1# of our yummy honey, a 100% beeswax skep/beehive candle, and a 100% beeswax star ornament.  Worker Bee is $18 and ships in the medium priority flat rate basket for $10.70.

All of these baskets are wrapped in pretty clear cello and finished with raffia ribbon.  Including a personalized note is no problem.

So … what do y’all think?

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