after so many decades we know it so well

they don’t even need to transmit anymore

the constant message already inside us

you have to be perfect yet every year

ends although certain people are forever gone

this time of year is always the best

whole days by your hands collected

sweet baked apples placed on a tray

the end of the night now it is early

you are awake suddenly it is December

here come the days many people dread

like white sentinels coming to arrest us

for a better holiday here is the secret

put some bacon in the stock and don’t tell

grandma or Jeremy the pale

silently didactic vegan boyfriend

keep the wine away from the uncles

who with every glass become more conservative

until their hearts are very organized

everyone should have been an only child

maybe the one who would have soothed

barely the edges is gone so imagine

someone just closed the blinds in the rom

the one you grew up in so you could sleep

far into the morning

-Matthrew Zapruder, featured in Real Simple Magazine, December 2010

December at Hillhouse.

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