Honeydew and I always pick the best times to launch big projects.

We were married during one of the busiest parts of a beekeeper’s summer, saying “I do” when we should have been extracting honey.

We launched our retail honey and beeswax business on December 1 last year, and then absconded to Mexico for our long delayed honeymoon, leaving my poor parents to fill the orders that came flooding in.

And this year, we finally moved into the apartment we built in the back of Warehouse No. 2 the week that the Christmas rush started.  To date, we’ve existed without phone or internet service for over a week, hoping our customers will understand our poor response rate to their orders and questions.

We’ll get through it, like we get through everything else, and hopefully y’all will still be along for the journey when we finally unpack the last box!


First supper in our new kitchen.   Honeydew cooked.

Fresh Montana ham, Hutterite buns, potatoes.  Gotta keep up our strength up for schlepping!  We’ll be back to our regular blogging once Honeydew gets the booster bolted to the roof the warehouse, which ostensibly will give us cell phone service, which theoretically will cause our new Verizon  Mi-Fi to give us an internet connection.  Ah, the life of the Modern Babb Gal.

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