Yesterday, I exhibited at the Babb Holiday Bazaar for the first time.

My sister-in-law, Emily, came by with my Helena in laws to help with the Bazaar.

Thanks, y’all.

Our sweet friends Ashley, Emily, and Wace were there, and  I enjoyed seeing many of our neighbors for the first time since “the season” ended – i.e. since all the tourons packed up and went home, and the restaurants shuttered their windows.  Thank goodness Thronson’s is still open!  Speaking of, we saw Miss Debbie at the Bazaar, too.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit with us and pick up some honey and beeswax stocking stuffers.

The Babb Holiday Bazaar was held at the Babb Elementary School.  Concurrently with the annual Babb Turkey Shoot, rescheduled from Thanksgiving’s bitter cold.

Oh, how I wish I’d gotten a picture of the little girl with the BB gun slung over her shoulder who kept darting in and out of the elementary gym.  And had it been less windy and frigid, a shot through the playground of the guys shooting targets with the real guns, just a few feet away.

No one got injured, no one was expelled.

It was like stepping back in time, in some ways – except, of course, everyone was chatting on their cell phones.

Guess who won the standing portion of the Turkey Shoot with his 7mm?

Yup, I am married to the poster boy for White Trash Living.  So proud!

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