That might be a little dramatic for some of y’all.

But these are no ordinary cabinets.

My darling husband built them for me, and while I knew he could build just about anything, I must admit that before this project started I had my doubts about his ability to build … attractive cabinets, shall we say.  Shame on me for doubting.  I adore them.  And yes, I realize I have a mess of stuff on top of the beautiful, gargantuam cabinets – gotta start somewhere!

At long last, a place to safely store, from top to bottom, my grandmother’s beautiful Castleton Laurel wedding china, my beloved Fortunata pottery dinner plates, and my amazing collection of Fiestaware, courtesy of my marriage to Honeydew.  As I unwrapped each piece, my thoughts frequently drifted to who was kind enough to give me what, and why.

Like this fabulous yellow bowl, so cheerful when filled with Honeycrisp apples – LA sent it to me as an engagement gift, not long after Honeydew and I set the date.  There’s a smaller one that matches this big guy, too.  It had been packed away since I moved away from Missoula in June 2009, and I missed it so.

And this oval Fiestaware plate, perfect for dishing up big, juicy salads – a Christmas gift from Clowerpower when we lived in a bright orange house with a turquoise kitchen on Toole Avenue in Missoula, Montana, many years ago.

And my favorite coffee mug, so gorgeously utilitarian that Brother Dear even mentioned it in one of his blog posts.  My aunt Sissy, a proud Bulldawg herself, gave this to me not long after I graduated from Georgia.

They’re just things.  But they’re my things.  And I’m so happy to be reunited with them, and to place them carefully into the cabinets that my husband built for me, making them ours.

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