Christmas Eve: near 50 degree temperatures and a flat calm.  Clearly, a very merry day meant for ice fishing on lower St. Mary Lake.

Followed up by a trip to Glacier National Park, of course.  The Going-to-the-Sun Road was closed just shy of 2 Dog Flats, so we took to the road on foot, and merrily soaked in the sunshine.

Merry Christmas morning: venison sausage, country ham, French toast with fresh fruit and high fructose corn syrup.  And powdered sugar to cut the sweetness.

Setting the Christmas dinner table at the warehome for the very first time.  The table was my great Uncle Charlie’s and my sweet aunt Cathy recovered the chairs in a tobacco bee pattern a few years before she gave it to me, long before I met Honeydew.  How merry is that?

China check: grandma Ivey’s Castleton Laurel, her wedding china.  Spode napkins: mama’s.  Flatware: Oneida, a wedding gift to Honeydew and I from the Mitchells.  I think of their very merry family each time I empty the dishwasher’s silverware caddy.

Merrily opening gifts.  Most of the ones Honeydew and I gave out this year were emblazoned with the Glacier County Honey logo.

Brother Dear and Honeydew were apparently very good this year, and felt quite merry indeed about their DeWalt trinkets.

And clearly, It’ll has been a very merry fetus so far, since Santa brought him/her a backpack!

After Christmas dinner, there was more merriment to  open.

And I’ve decided that Christmas is not truly merry without little ones underfoot.

That said, I’m very merry that it’s all over with!

2011.  Glacier County Honey Co.