Unlike Southern bridal showers and Montana baby showers, I can’t pen a How To Ring In the New Year Near Babb blog.  To experience the slide of one year into the next in the center of the universe, you have to personally join us.  But I can give you a glimpse of how we bid 2010 au revoir in the Warehome.

We arranged for our favorite birthday girl to return from tropical paradise to spend her birthday, and New Year’s Eve, in the subzero temps with her favorite pseudo-family.

And her favorite pseudo-puppy, too.  Happy birthday, Pseudo Sis!

We recruited our #1 Holiday Consultant from Atlanta, and reunited her with her beloved Sanchez, to whom she became close after my wedding.

Sanchez’s lady friend, Margarita, provided plenty of entertainment for Brother Dear and my niece.

Tom made up a batch of martinis.

Brother Dear provided quality control testing.

As the night wore on, we each pitched in $5 and bet on our good luck in 2011.

Only one of us didn’t regret that bet, of course.  But as we were eliminated one-by-one from the poker table, a dance party ensued.  And that’s pretty clutch in the How To Ring in the New Year Near Babb lexicon.

And as the clock wound down on 12, I poured myself a very small glass of very fine champagne, and toasted to all that 2011 will bring.

Happy New Year!

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