I spent 30 minutes yesterday in a Candlemaking Business class that, as far as I’m concerned, was worth the price of admission to the 2011 North American Beekeeping Conference.  Like any law school graduate, I filled page after legal page of notes in sticky blue ink as I listened to the quiet candlemaker discuss efficiency, and the mess inherent to beeswax.  Like any woman with a very handy husband, brother, and father, I scratched out diagram after diagram of time saving apparatuses easily constructed out of the junk housed in the Half Barn.  You ready, Brother Dear?  And like any Southern gal transported to the northerly reaches of the 49th parallel who happily finds herself in Texas, in January, when my learnin’ was done and the sun was trying to shine, I immediately retreated to the resort’s pool.  Nevermind the fact that it was mostly overcast and that the pages of my new Pat Conroy book received a spatter of Gulf Coast rain every half hour or so – the air was smelled like toasted coconuts and the birds screamed out their approval of warm air.

When Honeydew was done with his learnin’, he joined me.  In full Honeydew regalia: boots, Wranglers, collared Glacier County Honey Co shirt.

What can I say?

Perhaps the lyrics to one of our favorite songs say it better than I can:

This is us down at the Mardi Gras

This is us in your Daddy’s car

You and the missing link

Yeah, I’d had a little too much to drink, now

Too long in the sun

Having too much fun

You and me and our memories

This is us

Rocking at the barbecue

Yeah, when we said I do

Hand jiving on the ballroom floor

You in that wedding coat you wore

And you in that amazing dress

I was stoned on love I guess

You and me we were meant to be

This is us

This is us on our honeymoon

In our hotel room

Sitting by the wishing well

Checking out of the love motel

Making plans for the sunshine state

Waiting at the terminal gate

You and me making history

This is us

And our baby boy

With our pride and joy

You at the Sunday game

Standing next to what’s-his-name?

On our anniversary

With the family

You and me and our memories

This is us

-Mark Knopfler

2011.  Glacier County Honey Co. All Rights Reserved.