The sun is shining over Glacier County.  Brother Dear and I have been very productive, as a result.

Brother Dear cranked up the trusty John Deere and plowed the warehouse road out – again – for me.  We got another 6″ of snow here Monday night.

Then he decided that today was The Day to finally get the beloved convertible out of the garage/woodworking shop and into the storage bay of Warehouse #2, AKA the Warehome.

The convertible started right up and had no problems handling our snow covered roads.  Brother Dear decided it would be most appropriate to put the top down and soak in the sunshine on the drive from Hillhouse to the Warehome, which gave Harvey, our darling UPS driver, quite a pause when he passed Brother Dear out on West Shore Road.

What do we do near Babb, you ask?

Well, we stay easily amused, that’s for sure!

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