Here’s what you did in the last year, in case you’re getting foggy in your old age:

Spent three days in the negative 20 temps chopping enough wood to get me through the winter, while you’re down in California.  Thank you.

Put together It’ll’s crib.

Brushed up on your skeet shooting skills.  And later in the year, won the standing portion of the Babb Turkey Shoot!

Skillfully tended to our honeybees, producing the best honey you’ve never tasted in the tanks, and beer and milk in the refrigerator.

Took a day off to go hiking with me.  We’re on top of Otokomi, here.

Shot the middle fork of the Flathead in an inflatable kayak.  Better you than me!

Filled the freezer while out gallivanting with your best friend, Dustin.

Taught me how to run cows with a 4wheeler.  Now, that is fun!

Taught Roy how to ride … doggyback?

Spoiled Roy.

Oh yeah, and built that ginormous warehome I’m typing this from.  Good work, honey.

I’m so glad you were born.

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