One year ago today, I challenged myself to get this blog going – and to keep it going.  I wrote that I hoped this blog would make me into a writer.

One year later, I wouldn’t say that the blog has turned me into a writer – some days are more writer-ly than others – but it has been an amazing exercise in discipline and an excellent near-daily reminder of my commitment to all things related to the Glacier County Honey Company.

A lot has happened.  I survived my first winter near Babb, all by myself, without Honeydew.  I did not end up in Betty Ford.  I did not put my car into the ditch in a manner in which it could not be extricated in one piece.  I did not know how self-reliant that experience would make me feel.  And I am glad to now know about February’s pink beauty, March’s hopeful sunshine, and April’s doldrums.  That I will be too pregnant to fly and escape near Babb in April is my only regret about It’ll’s expected arrival!

Summer came, and with it, more change than I could have ever dreamed.  Brother Dear graduated from law school and moved back to Montana.  My parents sold the farm I grew up on and moved to Montana.  Honeydew and I naively set about building the Warehome, expecting to receive our financing and break ground on June 1, wrap the project in August, and move in together by Labor Day.   That didn’t happen.

But we still climbed mountains, and celebrated Hillstock, and sank our teeth into fruit procured from the farmer’s market.

Fall came.  We kept building the Warehome.  We extracted the best honey you’ve never tasted.  I threw up a lot.  Not from the honey, from It’ll.

Winter came.  We finally moved into the Warehome and celebrated our first Christmas, under the world’s largest indoor tree.  We stood out in the frigid, platinum moonlight, and welcomed the New Year, with old friends and new by our sides.

I can’t wait to see what all the coming year holds, and if I’ll be able to capture it in this blog.

As always, thank you for reading.

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