Earlier this week, Honeydew and I trekked to Missoula to present “our story” to a University of Montana Law School class that will be using Glacier County Honey Company as their real-world hypothetical in the land of business transactions.  I believe the general idea of this partnership is to help the law students see that the study of business transactions will be of assistance to both those lawyers who will advise mega-corporations like Coca-Cola, and to those lawyers who will hold the hands and wipe the brows of teeny tiny corporations like the Glacier County Honey Co.  So, pretty much, all lawyers.  I wish the business transactions course I took in law school had included such a hypothetical.  Perhaps then I wouldn’t have needed so much hand holding when Honeydew and I set up our own business!

On the other side of the partnership, Honeydew and I will gain the benefit of our company’s strengths and weaknesses being assessed by about 80 law students possessing the distance from Glacier County Honey Company, and beekeeping/small business in general, necessary to making reasonable assessments about our business.  We’ll probably pick up some new blog readers and honey devotees along the way, and we’ll certainly get a sense of satisfaction in contributing to our state’s lone legal studies program, though perhaps that satisfaction will run deeper for me than for Honeydew.

As I stood at the bottom of the stadium-style lecture hall, shifting my growing weight from one monogrammed cowboy boot to the other, I considered for a moment all that had brought me to this very odd moment – attempting to engage a lecture hall of students enrolled in the very same class that brought me my lowest grade in law school, not because it was so difficult, but because I found it so incredibly dull.  And so I took a deep breath and resolved to inject some enthusiasm into whatever it was I was about to say about our company.

And as I began to speak, ever so ineloquently, I’m sure, I remembered that it’s never hard to speak with conviction about what you love, what you believe in, and what fascinates you, even though you may not be sure of all the answers.

I’ve thanked Honeydew before for introducing me to the beekeeping biz – I hope he also knows how much I appreciate his unflagging encouragement of my fascination with his winged ladies.  Not every husband would be willing to let his wife lead a presentation on which he is the acknowledged expert.  I suppose it goes without saying, but I will anyway, because he reads my blog religiously when he is in California, that I am very lucky that he treats me like the Queen Bee.

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