Like I wrote earlier this month, I’m not sure I knew what “cute” really meant before incubating It’ll and receiving any number of darling gifts in anticipation of his/her arrival.  Example #24:

Precious honeybee slippers, perfect for protecting It’ll’s little footsies from Roy’s exuberant tongue and the warehome’s concrete floor.

I love the detail, which includes three different fabrics, one for the outer sole, one for the inner sole, and the of course the festive honeybees for the tops.

They’re handmade by Mountain Babes in Bozeman, Montana, and since my New Year’s Resolution is to purchase gifts only from other small business owners, I thought I’d pass along their information – maybe you would like to join me in my resolution!

Many thanks to our kind friend David Baumbauer over at Big Sky Bee for the thoughtful present.  David keeps a great blog with information about actual beekeeping in Western Montana, whereas I tend to get distracted from the technical nature of the subject and write paragraphs choked with adjectives and accolades for the environment in which we keep our honeybees – Glacier National Park’s eastern shadow.  But if David lived near Babb, he might, too.  Thanks, friend.

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