The gorgeous North Fork.  We would have driven all the way to Polebridge, just to eat a huckleberry macaroon for Funcle P, but it’s closed this winter for renovations.
The sun.  Unaccompanied by its favored companion on the East side, the Wind.  We – Mom, Dad, Brother Dear, Pseudo Sista, me – took a little cross country ski/snowshoe on the banks of the North Fork of the Flathead River.  Ahhhhh, stretch, breathe, Vitamin D, repeat.
Tall, tall trees.  I like the one that looks like a tuning fork.
The handiwork of industrious beavers.
The Huckleberry Mountain fire lookout.
The Oxbow at Apgar.
The snow plowing skills of the Park Service, also at Apgar.
It’ll saw Lake McDonald for the very first time.  And my hilariously old school OR gaiters, a hand-me-down from Dad, who purchased them for our first trip to Glacier, over 20 years ago.
My mom saw Lake McDonald for perhaps the 1,000th time – and said it was just as pretty as the first time her flatlander’s eyes looked upon it.
And Brother Dear practiced his dance par-tay moves with Lake McDonald as witness.
He has old school gaiters, too.
Thank you, Glacier National Park, for restoring my faith that July will come again.
2011.  Most photo credits to Sanford Stone.  Glacier County Honey Co. All Rights Reserved.