As y’all know, Honeydew arrived home late Tuesday night for a brief mid-winter’s visit.  For various reasons, our dear friend Steve needed a semi driven up to Montana and Honeydew needed to haul some equipment back to California, and so really this visit is a “business trip,” but I’ll take a dose of Honeydew in whatever form I can get.

He blew in just about midnight, cold radiating from his feet and hands, eyes wide with excitement about the towering drifts out on Duck Lake Road – just like he remembers as a little boy near Babb.

As a result, yesterday he drug me from the warm warehome to tour his beloved St. Mary valley, which he admires equally in each month of the year – unlike me and my shameful partiality to July.

We saw towering snow drifts, frozen lakes, and many, many closed signs – imagine that:

At the Park Cafe, we talked about how wonderful the pies were we served at our rehearsal dinner and debated our favorite flavors.  I got to going on the menu, which I can pretty much recite by heart, despite never having served as a “wai-tron” there, and after changing my mind about which flavor I would order, if I could, for the seventh time, I decided it’s probably a good thing the Park Cafe won’t be open until after It’ll arrives!

In front of Kip’s, I reminisced about my 20th birthday … and my 21st … and my 22nd … and my 23rd … and I think not long after that Kip died and the bar has yet to reopen.  A darn shame.  I never even got “barred for life” there!

We drove up Hwy 89S, hoping to go play on the drifts at Divide, but found the road closed right at the edge of St. Mary.

So we drove into the Park to see if our elk friends were available to play.

But found the road closed at 2 Dog Flats.  Sigh.  I really don’t understand why the Chief Mtn Hwy road is plowed all the way to the Glacier entrance, and yet NPS won’t keep the Going-to-the-Sun road plowed to Rising Sun, where the fun really begins if you’re a cross country skier.  If someone could enlighten me as to the reason behind this policy, I’d be all ears.

St. Mary, the Resort at Glacier, was boarded up tight, and I regaled Honeydew with tales of my days whipping up fudge and lattes in the gift shop, back in summer 2000.  He’s heard all those tales before.  He indulges me.

At Two Sisters, we again reeled off the menu to each other and I thought about sitting out at the picnic tables, having a Twista with Big John and Susan, and Beth, too.

With the light fading, we drove the Chief Mtn road way up past the Chief Mtn Overlook, to the Glacier gate.  Closed.

But February is slipping away, and May, with its saucy OPEN signs and summer help and out-gas-tourists, gets closer every day.

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