At 2:45pm, it’s -7 and absolutely dumping snow.  The dirt road we live on is unplowed, and though technically both it and Duck Lake Road are open, we discovered that the dirt road is plugged with snow and that reaching Duck Lake Road involves a cross country trip through a pasture that is gonna get somebody stuck good before much longer.

But we’re not worried.  These negative temperatures ain’t nothin’ compared to last week, when the Hillhouse weather station registered -34.  That same cold snap caused the Warehome weather station to give up on displaying negative temperatures and instead, to start displaying this:

See that reading in the lower right corner? OFL?

So now, when it’s negative outside, we just call it OFL – awful, just plain awful out there!

I am only mollified by the fact that I overheard Honeydew telling our California almond growers that this is about the worst winter we’ve had in 20 years.  May it be another 20 years before have we another one like it!

Stay warm, y’all.

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