Like so many good folks I studied law with, my fabulous friend Amy Evans recently bid the practice of law au revoir and opened an equally fabulous shoppe filled with “simple luxuries for the good, the bad, and the ugly times in your life:” Bon Lemon.  Her philosophy: when life hands you lemons, put on something sparkly!  I sum up her shoppe as offering “objects of desire at desirable prices,” and if you wander through her online offerings of jewelry and accessories, I think you’ll see that Bon Lemon offers a little something for every woman, at every age and every budget.

By the way … I had no idea how hard jewelry is to photograph until today.  My hat is off to Amy for all the jewelry  photography she’s done in launching Bon Lemon!  And one note, for those clicking over to her website,  Amy is in the process of upgrading, and as a result there are not quite as many offerings online as she normally has available.  Patience, grasshopper.

Not long after I opened the retail side of Glacier County Honey Company, Amy sent me a fabulous honeybee cocktail ring – over the top, it goes with nothing and everything and is an instant conversation starter.  I decided to wear it to a trade show.  At the end of the day, I had to fight to keep it, and could have sold it 50 times over.  I’ve had the same result everywhere I’ve worn this ring.  So, apparently there is an untapped demand for precocious honeybee jewelery.

As a result of this demand, Bon Lemon and Glacier County Honey Company have teamed up to offer these festive honeybee rings at an equally merry price: $26.  You can order them in ivory/gold, jet/silver, coral/gold, or turquoise/silver through the Glacier County Honey Co. website under “Accessories.”  If demand is high, Amy and I may further collaborate to offer more honeybee jewelry!  What could be more perfect for the Queen Bee in your life?

We’ll also have them on hand at the upcoming Made in Montana Marketplace, March 25-26 in Great Falls, and will soon be launching a new gift basket that includes the ring … just in time for Easter and Mother’s Day!

And, disclaimer: your color choices of ivory/gold, jet/silver, coral/gold, or turquoise/silver are just that.  Color choices.  For $26, we’re not selling precious stones and metals, people.

What do y’all think?

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