Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Climb ev’ry mountain

Search high and low

Follow ev’ry by-way

Every path you know

Climb ev’ry mountain

Ford ev’ry stream

Follow ev’ry rainbow

‘Till you find your dream

A dream that will need

All the love you can give

Everyday of your life

For as long as you live

Climb ev’ry mountain

Ford ev’ry stream

Follow ev’ry rainbow

‘Till you find your dream …

-Rodgers & Hammerstein, The Sound of Music

Because the view really is better on top.

Because there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.  -Beverly Sills

Because they are there, as George Mallory noted, when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest.

But: “If you climb a mountain for the first time and die on the descent, is it really a complete first ascent of the mountain? I am rather inclined to think personally that maybe it is quite important, the getting down, and the complete climb of a mountain is reaching the summit and getting safely to the bottom again.” – Sir Edmund Hillary, reacting to Mr. Mallory’s ruminations on climbing. Mr. Mallory died during his ascent of Everest, and debate rages on today as to whether or not he attained the summit before his death.

Better: because, as Sir Hillary also said, “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Best: “Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons.  Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.”  -Hillary

Howard Hillhouse Stone, September 19, 1984 – August 27, 2004.

Because the dreams that will be destroyed and deferred along your way will lead you to the right one.  Because some of your dreams will be delusional.  Because all of your dreams will be beautiful.

Because your uncles both love to climb.  And especially because one of them will not get to climb any more earthly mountains.

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