Now, the snow’s not over, folks.  On the 49th Parallel, we usually see the fluffy stuff every month of the year, though July is sometimes an exception, which is why I deem it a Season Unto Itself, and My Favorite Month of the Year, and Don’t-You-Dare-Get-Married-Outside-of-Montana-in-July-Cause-I-Ain’t-Leaving.  But I digress.

Though the snow isn’t over, winter does seem to be easing its death grip around the proverbial neck of Glacier County.  And that is cause for celebration!

Just look at the sunshine I soaked up en route to post office yesterday!  The angle of the Earth has changed enough that the sun warmed the inside of my car, instead of just lighting it.  Ah.  Bliss.

Of course, “spring” in the Rockies doesn’t mean the daffodils, hyacinths, and redbuds of the South.  Here, it will mean weeks of gray snow and mud, and plenty of it, as we melt out.  We’ll probably go from a constant Winter Storm Warning to a constant Flooding Warning.

But I will choose to focus on the beauty of that sole patch of dirt in front of the Warehome, and on Sunday, as we officially welcome Spring, I will rejoice.

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