Whew.  It apparently takes a village to get me off to the Made in Montana Marketplace.

Sometimes I can truly overestimate my abilities.  This self-overestimation has never been more apparent than in the third trimester of my first pregnancy.  Somehow, despite the fact that our little retail company’s volume has increased over 400% since last year, and despite the fact that I’ve added about 15 new products to our offerings, and despite the fact that I am approaching the 33rd week of my pregnancy, I just kinda figured that I would get myself off to the Marketplace in a similar fashion to last year: i.e. throw a couple of boxes of honey and candles in the Suburban and hit the road for Great Falls.

Uhhhhh.  Apparently pregnancy has made me delusional.

Luckily, my parents, who know me better than I know myself, arrived to the Warehome on Sunday, and commenced Being Helpful, which they are both incredibly good at.  And so three frantic days of bottling and labeling honey, pouring and packaging beeswax, and cleaning and rewiring trailers ensued.

This afternoon, after my Dad delivered a trailer packed full of the best honey you’ve never tasted and beautiful beeswax products to the Great Falls Civic Center, my Mom and I unpacked box after box filled with the fruits of my winter labors.  And at the day’s end, my booth looked mighty fine, if I do say so myself.

Glacier County Honey Co. is booth #107 at the Made in Montana Marketplace.  We hope you’ll come see us!

Since last year’s Marketplace, we’ve added a slew of pretty beeswax products, such as our #1 best seller, the Large Pinecone:

We’ve added pretty packaging, too – I would say new packaging, but we actually didn’t provide any until now.  I know, I know … but I try to think of this amazing fact as simply underlining how far we’ve come!  After all, I knew we needed something more than a sheet of tissue paper to protect and best display our beeswax products, but I didn’t want to run out and spend a bunch of money on the first packaging I saw.  However, I think these cello bags are going to be just the trick.

The taper candles look mighty fine in them, too.  We offer them in plain, octagon, colonial, obelisk, and best selling hexagon.

As you may remember, we also launched a line of fabulous honeybee cocktail rings, in conjunction with Bon Lemon.  I have a new beehive cake stand, and I’m enjoying using it to display the festive rings!

And of course, I brought many, many bottles of our gorgeous, raw honey – the best you’ve never tasted, indeed, and packaged in the most modern methods available on the market.  You don’t think you care until you squeeze honey from our 1# flip top with the vacuum seal, release your grip, and watch the honey be sucked back into the bottle – hello, nonsticky counters and fingers!  As the Beekeeper’s Wife, my life is devoted to un-stick-ifying … well, everything, but everyone else who tries out these bottles loves ’em, too.

Here’s a whole basket of the nonsticky wonders.  $5 each, y’all.

Here are my pretty new business cards, beautifully done by Calliespondence.  Honeydew and I used to share one business card with both of our names on it, and I thought I wanted my own.  Now I’m back to thinking it was better when we shared – after all, we both have our areas of expertise in this business, and give out each other’s contact information as frequently as we answer questions about Colony Collapse Disorder and how frequently we get stung.  So I should probably get back to that old style of card … but there is something about having “a card of one’s own.”

Here’s my awesome Mom, without whom no beeswax products would have been packaged over the course of the last week, nor would any actual meals have been consumed.  Thanks for coming with me, Mom.

And here’s one last shot of our booth!  And of It’ll’s first trip to the Marketplace, I suppose.

Glacier County Honey Company is mighty proud to be a member of the Made in Montana program.  We hope y’all will come to the Civic Center in Great Falls on Saturday, from 9 to 4, and see what your fellow Montanans have spent the winter crafting for your enjoyment!  You’ll be even more proud to call the Big Sky your home, or your favorite destination, as the case may be.

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