This year’s Made in Montana Marketplace was a great one for Glacier County Honey Co, and made all the weeks of preparation, beeswax burns, and mindless honey labeling worth it!  However, as I wrote last week, I could not have done it without the help of many, many selfless folks in my life.  After my parents left, Don and Mimi Grant, Honeydew’s godparent-types from Great Falls, brought me lunch and a much needed break on Friday afternoon.

And then on Saturday, Brother Dear and Pseudo Sista filled in, on and off, all day long for me.  And I really don’t think I could have done it without them, especially considering that I lost my voice on Friday, Wholesale Day, and had no way to communicate to our fans and customers on Saturday, Retail Day!  Since Brother Dear and Pseudo Sista have, at one time or another, been at least peripherally involved in all aspects of the business of the Glacier County Honey Co, they were well suited to discuss honey production, beeswax filtration, and colony collapse disorder with the masses that visited our booth on Saturday – thanks to everyone who stopped by!

But especially thanks to Pseudo Sista and Brother Dear.  Aren’t they the best?

Another highlight of Retail Day: I finally got to meet one of my heroes-in-Montana-small-business, Sarah Calhoun, owner of Red Ants Pants, workwear for women, in White Sulphur Springs.  Sarah and I have exchanged countless emails about the highs and lows of s-corp ownership, and it felt so good to get an in-person hug from her.  Bless her heart, at the Marketplace’s conclusion, Sarah stayed behind to help us schlep all of our display items and the few beeswax candles we didn’t sell, back to the trailer.  Her mama raised her up right, y’all.  So good to meet you, Sarah!

And finally, thanks to Tammy Tamarillo, our artist friend from Costa Rica, for the moral support, and good luck, she brought to us at the Marketplace!  We’ll hope to be back for the 2012 Marketplace.

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