Last year, we blogged more about the pollination aspect of Glacier County Honey Co, as I was not incubating It’ll and was free to bounce back and forth between Montana and California as I saw fit.  If you don’t know, we ship our lovely honeybees south to California in the late fall, and Honeydew joins them in January, just in time for almond pollination.  As a result, he and I are separated for much of the winter, more this winter than last.

But our separation is about to end.  Honeydew is currently en route from Palo Cedro, California, and will rejoin me near Babb in the immediate future.  He is northbound and trucking home the trailer he has called his California home for many winters now.  It will become our new Darling Summer Help’s summer abode, and its presence in our front yard will cement our cover potential of White Trash Living magazine:

Right now, Honeydew is in Nevada, no doubt singing the version of North Bound and Down that he entertained me with last year, as we drove the 1 ton and the 2 ton home together, with Roy Rogers.

Safe travels, my love.

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