As my mom said when I sent her the link, I’m not sure I’d ever have the patience to deal with all the steps required to assemble these darling honeybee cake pops, but if I did, would I be eligible for Beekeeper Mom of the Year?

Photo courtesy of Bakerella

Cake pops, for those not in the know, are essentially absurdly delectable bits of ultra rich cake dipped in candy coating, presented on a lollipop stick.  Here, the fabulous Bakerella used white candy melts for the bees’ wings, but if Patience and I ever got together for the day, then I would substitute slivered almonds, with a nod to the almond/beekeeping industry that Glacier County Honey Co. is a part of.

When Honeydew and I were married, our dear friend Margaret Ambrose-Barton made our weddin’ cake (truly, the best weddin’ cake I have ever tasted: lemon chardonnay cake, with layers of fresh blackberries, topped off with decadent buttercream frosting), and accented it with a few almond-winged marzipan honeybees.  Wasn’t it fabulous?

Anyway, Bakerella’s site fascinates me – y’all go check out her amazing sugar creations at