At this year’s Made in Montana Marketplace, we had the good fortune to have the kind owners of the Wild Rose, a produce/specialty goods shop between Whitefish and Columbia Falls, stop by the Glacier County Honey booth.  End result: the Wild Rose is carrying our 5#, 3#, and 1# squeeze top containers of the best honey you’ve never tasted …

and our beautiful 100% beeswax candles, too …

including our tapers,


and large pine cones.

We are thrilled to have a retailer in the Flathead Valley, especially one located as centrally to Columbia Falls, Kalispell, and Whitefish as the Wild Rose – their physical address is 3696 Mt Highway 40 W, Columbia Falls, MT, if you’re googling directions – i.e., if you’re westbound on Hwy 40 (the connector between Columbia Falls and Whitefish), the Wild Rose is well marked by a large sign on your left.

Seasonally, the Wild Rose sells beautiful Christmas trees and fresh wreaths.  Year round, it offers fresh produce and delightful gifts, many of which are Made in Montana, just like Glacier County Honey products.  Here’s a smattering of what we found yesterday:

Mmmm, jams, jellies, BBQ sauce, and chocolates …

Fabulous bread mixes from Montana Grassland Mixes – our booth was across from theirs at the Made in Montana Marketplace, and I must say I ate so much of their fry bread that I was … I should say ashamed, but in truth?  I was happy.  Gitchusome.

Yummy cooking and dipping oils.

Awesome salves, lotions, and potions from Pauline Matt with Real People Herbals, just up the road from Glacier County Honey, in Browning, Montana.  I’ve got a jar of Fire Fighters Hands by my bed – you won’t find better, if you’re hard on your hands, like I am.

The Wild Rose offers its own line of delicious yummies, too – do you love pickled asparagus in your Bloody Marys and Caesars as much as I do?  Mmmm.  Oh, and a green salad with goat cheese, pecans, and pickled beets?  Heavenly.

Seeing as how it’s April, the Wild Rose currently has a limited fresh produce section.  But I did find local eggs and Hutterite turkeys and chickens – love that if you buy 10, you can get the 11th free.

In their freezers, the Wild Rose also stocks local huckleberries and Flathead cherries … I was tempted to get a couple of bags, and make a taste of summer pie, but managed to restrain myself.  This time.

If you’re in need, here’s the Wild Rose’s phone number: (406) 862-8995.  Their hours are as listed above.

Since we’re so happy to have a distributor in the Flathead Valley, we will no longer be offering free delivery services to Flathead County – instead, swing by the Wild Rose and tell them you appreciate their support of Glacier County Honey Co!  And of course, by buying Glacier County Honey at the Wild Rose, you’ll be supporting two small Montana businesses with one small step – and the whole state thanks you for that.

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