Yesterday, Honeydew and I took a little post-lunch walk down to our home bee yard.

Last week, Honeydew borrowed our sweet neighbor’s tractor that features a fabulous snow blower attachment, and he blew out a road all the way  from the Icehouse, to the Half Barn, through the Big Field, to the Bee Yard, and up to the Warehome.  This took him two days, and he appeared to be having the time of his life.  As for me, I’m so happy to be able to walk on semi-solid, muddy ground again – was getting a little sick of the tentative, am-I-going-to-slip-on-the-ice strolls I had been taking.

Here’s the bee yard, and the road!

These are the same hives I wrote about earlier, that clustered up together and survived the howling winds and frigid temperatures of this past winter.  With a little help from Honeydew’s shovel, they’re really melting out now, and flying in the warmer afternoons.

Look at that!  Green grass.  My heart sang.

Honeydew cracked the tops on a couple of the hives, so we could see what kind of shape they’re in.  This hive is doing fairly well, all things considered.  See all the bees on the top of the frames?

Here’s a closer look … I think they’re as ready to make honey as I am for them to get started.

We’re under a winter storm warning tonight, but I do think that we’re into this year’s onslaught of spring.  And that is something to celebrate.

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