While we’re introducing our new retailers in the Flathead, we’d also like to express our thanks to the very first retailer who took a chance on carrying Glacier County Honey Co. products, back when I was still creating each “label” by hand …

Ah, memory lane.

Our kind friends at the Prairie Peddler, in Shelby, Montana, proudly offer the best honey you’ve never tasted, just over the Glacier County line.  The Prairie Peddler was founded by Cindy Rogers and Bridget Larson in 1989, and Cindy carries on as sole proprietress today.  Never willing to settle for the status quo, Cindy takes pride in offering a wide and unusual array of gift items, books, apparel, and other novelties at the Prairie Peddler.

Cindy serves up a great espresso, too, and I can’t drive through Shelby without stopping for one … and sometimes that stop also leads me to their ice cream menu … sigh.

If you’re in the Shelby area, stop in at the Prairie Peddler, located at 319 Main Street, and tell them thanks for carrying our honey … they’re open 9-5:30 Monday-Friday, 9:30-5 Saturday, and 10-1 Sunday.  Thanks, Cindy – cheers from one small Montana business to another!

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