Despite all my whining about The Winter That Just Won’t Quit, there are actually many signs that spring has sprung.  For one, the critters are starting to emerge.

Elk line Hwy 2, and Honeydew saw a big ole bull moose up towards Many Glacier when he was home earlier this month.  The park service spotted a wolf at their West Glacier headquarters last week, and also report that bear sign and loons are reappearing at Glacier’s lower elevations.  Near Babb, we feasted on a Mama Stone dinner last night – nobody cooks like my mama – and watched a fox cross the still-frozen Mirror in the fading spring light.  This morning, I let the dogs out and listened to some sort of wharbler wharbling away in the aspens.

And a couple of weeks ago, my Dad had these critters come visit him near Whitefish:

Gobble, gobble!  These were taken April 4, 2011, and I’ve never seen healthier looking turkeys – except perhaps those on my Thanksgiving table.  So good to see signs of life reappear near the 49th parallel.

2011.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Photo credits to Charlie Stone.  All Rights Reserved.