Roy Rogers came bounding into Babb.

As you may remember, Honeydew adopted Roy in California from friends of ours whose ancient Golden Retriever and very young Gentleman’s Lab had gotten together, to their surprise.  I protested this adoption somewhat half heartedly – I get my dog lovin’ nature from my Pa Pa, but I felt that what with our impending construction project, protesting Roy’s adoption was the responsible thing to do.  Nevermind that I had earlier adopted Buck Owens out of our neighborhood bar.

I am so glad that Honeydew saw through my protestations.

Since we met, I have become absurdly attached to Roy, who’s had quite the year.

He met the loons.

He learned to assist with swarm removal.

He charmed my aunt Sissy, who has known the love of many a damn good dog.

And if you’ve ever known the love of a damn good dog, then I needn’t say more.  And if you’ve never known the love of a damn good dog, then this blog post probably ain’t for you.

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