This morning, I awoke in Whitefish to a small commotion.

There are two small ponds below my parents’ home, and they glisten emerald in a fashion you don’t see near Babb, but do see west of the mountains.  Nightly, deer, elk, and turkeys come to sip from them, and yesterday I saw two Harlequin ducks out for a mid-afternoon swim on the lower of the two.

Mr. Cain, despite his incredibly advanced age, three trembling legs, and intermittent need for assistance in rising, decided to pay the ponds a visit this morning.  No dog loves a morning dip quite as much as Cain does.  Problem being, the ponds are at the bottom of such a steep hillside that Cain can barely make it down the hill, even with gravity’s assistance.  Getting back up the hill is firmly out of the question for him.

So my dad has gone off with the 4 wheeler to rescue Mr. Cain, and bring him back to the flat environs of the garage, driveway, and deck.  I don’t know that Mr. Cain has ever ridden on a 4 wheeler before, but that’s the kind of dawg he is – always willing to try something new, even though he is approaching 91 in people years.

I didn’t get any pictures of Dad’s rescue operation, but I did take this one of Roy and Mr. Cain a few weeks ago,when Dad and Brother Dear were painting furniture for It’ll’s nursery.  I was so glad to see Mr. Cain teaching Roy about Sharing.  Hope he passed along a few gems about Loyalty and Longevity, too.

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