Have I told y’all how much I appreciate your reading this blog?  Tending it to its little presence on the internets nurtures a part of me that I neglected after I received my English degree – that part of me that is not Wife, Sister, Daughter, Niece, Granddaughter, Friend, Hot Bun, Keeper of the Quickbooks, Loader of the Dishwasher, Short Order Cook, nor Purveyor of the Fresh Produce.  The part of me that is Writer.

Anyway, I am obliged to y’all for reading all the It’ll blather, and especially for all the recent kind words of encouragement regarding It’ll’s expected arrival – your tolerance for this total blogging digression from beekeeping and life near Babb is much appreciated, and I want to thank you.

Here’s how: my lovely cousin Owene asked if I would post a “sideways photo” so that It’ll Fans can offer their best guesses as to his/her arrival date.  My cousin Owene is ever a breath of fresh air, so positive and appreciative of life’s small beauties, so I am happy to oblige her.  If you will leave a comment on this post offering your best guess as to It’ll’s arrival time, date, and sex, you will be automatically entered to win a variety of Glacier County Honey Co goodies!

Closest guesser wins a Glacier County Honey hoodie:

Second closer guesser wins a tshirt:

Third closest guesser wins their choice of 1# of the best honey you’ve never tasted


a pair of 100% beeswax taper candles.

This picture was taken on Friday morning, May 6.  I am officially due Friday, May 13.

For proper entry into the contest (which you can enter only once), your comment should read like this: 12:51 a.m., May 8, girl.

Comments will close at 5 p.m. EST, Monday, May 9, or possibly beforehand, should I go into labor over the weekend, so don’t delay!

Good luck!

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