Update from Brother Dear:

Folks continue to inquire about the “snow conditions” around Babb, so here is an update.   All of you that insist on asking about “how much snow is left” via picture-messages of yourselves enjoying a cold one on some southern beach…well ya’ll can quit that.

I spent the morning repairing some remnants of damage from this past winter:  whole buncha shingles that were blown off my cabin.  I remember seeing bits and pieces and chunks of shingles fly by my face during the absurd winds featured at this year’s ice fishing derby.  Also, huge swathes of siding that were ripped off my neighbor’s garage zipped past the huddled fishermen.  I don’t think anybody got hit…but that’d be an interesting lawsuit.  Anywho, I was up on the roof enjoying fine cell phone reception for once (and receiving those cursed beach cell phone pictures) when an urgent message from Courtney arrived.  Need snow photos.  Alright, here’s what’s left of winter…’till the next snow storm.

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Hillhouse is predicted to receive 2-6 inches of rain and snow over the next 24 hours…so the tomato plants might have to wait a  bit longer to hit the earth.  Keep on the sunny side!