Oh, please let these be the last pictures to grace the internets of my incubation of It’ll.  Please.

While I’m sure I’ll be glad I have these … someday …. they are not quite in the league of the five pictures of Honeydew and I that I am actually fond of.

Life at the Home for Wed Mothers in Whitefish continues, and I continue to be thrilled by such wonders as the ability to order pizza delivery (which I have not actually done), the possibility of a pedicure (which I have certainly taken advantage of, my feet being so large that not even almost-40-weeks-of-pregnancy-can-obscure-them),  the ready availability of fabulous pulled pork and hush puppies at Piggyback

and my ability to run out to the store whenever I feel like it … yesterday, I procured some sort of “organic, low calorie Strawberry-Lemonade sorbet” bars, which I proceeded to devour on the sunsoaked deck …

while reading Bossypants, Tina Fey’s hilarious look at her career … and motherhood, too.  A far cry from the normal sheaves of insurance and tax information I generally find waiting in my “must read” box at the Warehome.

That said.  I miss it so.  Well, maybe not the fine print of the insurance policies.  But definitely Honeydew and Roy.

Hi boys!  Thanks for the visit earlier this week!  See you soon … I hope.

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