An update from Brother Dear:

Hopefully Maggie will be home near Babb very soon, and I for one can’t wait to see her snug in her warehome.   I have been wondering what Maggie’s first spring in Glacier County might be like, so I looked through a folder of pictures from last spring to get an idea.  If history holds true, this is what awaits Maggie Rose Fullerton in the coming months:

Moose, both big and small

Snow!  Sorry Maggie, but the forecast is looking poor…this photo is dated May 30, 2010

Your Dad calling in aliens!

Your parents blasting little clay disks out of the air!  (or trying to)

Campfires with Nan and Chuck!

Extremely excitable dogs to play with….if you ever happen to find them awake!

Hiking with your Mom and the Hot Buns!

And of course, warm evenings on sun-dappled porches with wise old dogs, anxious to hear your day’s tales and always willing to provide counsel or a soft place to snuggle.

Okay so a few of these might fit into Maggie’s plans a bit better a few more years from now…anyways, hurry (ware)home, Maggie!