Sometimes I write about the the family that my family chose as our family.

They chose us back, and this is how it happened.

I think.

Two mischievous and beautiful young women became sorority sisters, and roommates, at the University of Georgia.

About the same time, these two strapping young gentlemen became roommates at the Washington & Lee School of Law.

And after graduation, the strapping young gentleman from West Virginia took a bride.

And at their wedding, the strapping young gentleman from Southwest Virginia met the bride’s college roommate from Georgia.

And a few months afterwards, the strapping young gentleman from Southwest Virginia and the Georgia Belle married, too.

And the pairs of roommates were very happy.

And they were made happier still by the additions of their firstborns, daughters destined to be great friends.

The daughters were very different.

One would grow to be a model of grace and discretion, the kind of friend one can whisper a secret to when one wants that secret to be taken to the grave.  The other would grow to launch a blog and blab incessantly about her life and the lives of others, including that of her classy and graceful friend.

But their differences didn’t thwart their deep friendship, and the pair would eventually sustain each other in the best of times – Jimmy Buffett concerts! – and the worst of times – Jimmy Buffett concerts!

They would hold each other’s bouquets as each was married.

The older would help the younger bury her brother.  The younger would help the older bury her mother.

In the spring of 2008, the older welcomed a son into the world, and she became a mother, and the younger became a godmother.

And in the spring of 2011, the pair both welcomed daughters, one of whom is named for the older’s mother, the irreplaceable, irresistible, Betsy Davis.

Welcome to the world, baby girl.  We loved your grandmother as much as we already love you, and we can’t adequately express our joy over your safe arrival!

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