Upon our discharge from the NICU, Maggie’s fabulous doctor advised us to keep her home, away from icky germs, until she turns a month old and passes what we hope will be the last of her platelets tests.

We love the good doctor.  We love Maggie Rose more.  So we’ve mostly resisted the urge to show her off all over Glacier County.

But … we consider Glacier National Park our home, too, and we doubt fresh air and grizzly bears were what Dr. Rigby was warning against when she advised us to keep Maggie “home.”  More likely the deluges of older ladies sporting long, unkempt, surely-germ-filled fingernails trying to get their paws all over Maggie in the ER parking lot.

I don’t mean to be mean.  I hope one day I’ll be an old lady who loves babies, too.  But for the love of everything holy people, it is possible to admire a baby – whether a stranger’s or your sister’s – without putting your grubby hands on it.  Please, wash your hands.  This has been your occasional public service announcement from the Glacier County Honey Co.


Last week, Honeydew and I took Maggie on her first driving tour of Glacier, and the next day, Nan, Sissy, and I took Maggie on her first walking tour of Glacier.   And she enjoyed it very much.

I think.

I have this recurring dream that Maggie Rose hates dirt, hates sunshine, and hates Glacier.  She wages a campaign to make us move to town so she can take ballet lessons, and then I have to sit through tap dance recitals.  My head pounds at the very thought.

While I’m googling self-help books, here’s a glimpse at what Maggie saw on her first trips to Glacier National Park:

Late afternoon light over Many Glacier.  Bliss.

The Swiftcurrent parking lot.  Not open just yet.

Maggie’s first moose!

He’s a very handsome fellow.

Maggie’s first hike.  No, we did not get anywhere near the pass.  We walked for about a half hour and then I felt like my stitches were becoming unstitched.  Oh, how the mighty I-don’t-do-dayhikes-under-12-miles-Hot-Bun has fallen.

But it was lovely to walk in the sunshine with Maggie, Sissy and Nan.

Sissy and Maggie and me.

On the way home, we spotted this gorgeous sow griz.   Her two cubs are just to the left in this photo … use your imagination.  We saw them from the car, my favorite way to see grizzlies.  Absolutely stunning.  Maggie was pleased.

With Daddy at Sun Point.

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