Honeydew and I drove down to Many Glacier on Monday night.  Maggie Rose loves her car seat, and we’ve always loved an evening drive to our backyard, the most beautiful part of Glacier Park.  And that’s sayin’ somethin’.

When I was much, much younger, back in the years when Babb was my summer playground, and I could not envision marrying a local boy and making my own life here, I drove this road “looking for bears,” with handsome young men, summer help with cars.

I so prefer driving it with my beyond handsome husband, and Maggie.  We saw a bear, too.

Just a mangy little grizzly, entirely too accustomed to vehicles and likely destined to a life shortened by human interaction.

But still.  A griz, up close and in person and from the car.  My favorite way to see bear.

Happy trails, lil’ griz.

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