When I last wrote (which has actually been more frequently than this blog indicates, due to a suddenly-pathetic Verizon MiFi connection – so frustrating), we had taken the Glacier County Honey Co. crew up to Logan Pass, to celebrate the 2011 opening of the Going to the Sun Road (the latest since the year it was built!), and to gawk at the massive amounts of snow still blanketing the Pass.

Amazing, huh?

But the reason I wanted to return to that string of photos on today’s blog is to show you the above picture.  That snow has been melted for maybe 36 hours, and already the brave glacier lillies are thrusting their heads through the half frozen mud.  Their will to live fascinates me, as do the tiny alpine forget-me-nots you find growing out of scree fields on mountain summits.

I’ve spent part or all of 22 consecutive summers in Glacier National Park now, and especially in the last 10 years, that will to live has absolutely fascinated me.  I’ve also spent a good part of the last 10 years trying to diagnose this addiction I have for Glacier, this all consuming need to live out my Julys in the shadow of Chief Mountain.

This morning, reflecting on the fearlessness of the miniature flowers, I think perhaps it is this annual display of the will to live, no matter the hostility of the environment, that has brought me back, in admiration, year after gorgeous year.

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