Honeydew and I took Maggie Rose on a quick circuit of Western Montana a couple of weekends ago.

I wanted to attend a  lovely friend’s book club in Whitefish, we had honey to deliver in Columbia Falls, Maggie Rose had a doctor’s appointment, and our Costco list had grown to such proportions that hauling a trailer to Kalispell seemed pertinent.  In addition, we planned to visit friends down at Lake Inez, though that leg of the trip turned into a tour of the Seely-Swan, Rogers Pass, and Bean Lake.

It was the first time we’d taken Maggie anywhere other than her grandparents’ home, and my mind raced at the possibilities.

And so I thought y’all might be amused to see the number of bags I packed for our three day tour.

I guess the commercials are true: a baby changes everything.

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