Hillhouse is a regular bed’n’nbreakfast during July and August.  Old friends, new friends, non-friends – everyone comes to visit, and it’s part of what we love so much about Hillhouse – that we’re not the only ones who are soothed by its chipped china and priceless views.

Unfortunately, not too many beekeepers come to visit, as they’re just as busy as we are, monitoring hives, supering, pulling honey, extracting, bottling, and delivering.  And that’s a shame, because by and large, commercial beekeepers are one heckuva fun crowd.

But this year, we leased in a load of our dear friend Jackie Park-Burris’ yellow bees, and so last month she came to check on her hives, and visit with us.  A large time was had by all, and Jackie’s visit just wasn’t long enough.  She sent us these pictures that she took during her stay, and promises to return in a few weeks to check on the hives once more.

Thanks, Jackie!

Ah, happy bees.

Stacked up high with honey supers!

Jackie and her girls.

Have we ever mentioned some of the extra-curricular activities to be enjoyed while driving hundreds of miles across Glacier County, checking on bees?  Let’s just say that Jackie is a Montana gal at heart!

On her last night in “town,” Jackie took us out for dinner at the Many Glacier Hotel – the chef down there is serious about serving as many locally produced foods as possible, and we were delighted to see Glacier County Honey Co. on a table placard listing the Montana businesses involved in creating the absolutely delicious meal – Montana Stroganoff, with elk and buffalo – we enjoyed.

Come back soon, Jackie!

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