I love weddings.

I believe that a “good wedding” needs just a very few things to make it very good: (1) a bride and groom committed to one another and (2) thoughtful details.

Fabulous champagne, couture gowns, canary diamonds – these are all lovely, but oh-so-not-necessary in the makings of a good weddin’.

Case in point – I went a very good weddin’ over the weekend:

Gorgeous flowers lovingly arranged by a reformed Southern-Belle-Friend-of-the-Bride’s.  Love that gal.  Love her fleurs.

Adorable area for kiddos to frolic in.

Old friends, thrilled for the bride + groom.

Adorable post card guest book.

Precious date, even if he did forget that whole belt detail ….

Cheers to the happy couple!

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