Generally speaking, folks are mighty curious about what the details of beekeeping near Babb entail.

There is, of course, relative glamour – the actual keeping of the bees – but as with any other profession, it’s the minutiae that makes up most of the hours of our day.

Every day, no matter how heavy or light the stacks of honey are, the extracting team needs to be fed.  And it generally falls to me or Mama Stone to put lunch out for the crew, and anyone else who happens to straggle through the door about noon.  And honestly, putting lunch on is a duty I enjoy – it means that bringbacks (leftovers to you Yankees) don’t languish in the fridge for days on end, that I am forced to take a break and eat, that Maggie Rose can get to know someone new for a few minutes, and that the afternoon begins with a ring of “thank yous!” in my ears.

All in all, not a bad deal.  And with summer’s bounty to gaze upon, what’s not to like?

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