Tuesday morning, one of our favorite sights appeared: the semi, ready to take the first load of Glacier County Honey down to the packer!

We asked our trucker to pick up a load of our empty barrels on his way up here, and so we had him back into Warehouse #1 first, where the crew unloaded about 300 barrels.

A friend of ours stopped by to visit, so in true Glacier County Honey Company style, we immediately lifted him up into the semi and put him to work rolling barrels out to our darling 2011 Summer Help, Keith and Chase.

Next, the trucker backed into the Warehome to pick up the load of honey …

Honeydew picked up each barrel with the forklift …

Keith loaded it onto the barrel cart and ran it to the back of the semi …

And Chase and I kept extracting away!

I love harvest time.

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