When Honeydew and I were expecting Maggie (or It’ll, as we called her back then), we talked endlessly of what she might look like.  Honeydew thought he remembered how to do Mendelian genetics squares, and he decided that since he and I both have green eyes — which he thought were a double recessive trait — then our baby would have to have green eyes, too.

Well, Maggie Rose popped out with eyes glowing like the lupine that blooms on the Iceberg Lake trail.

And our obstretrician explained to us that Honeydew hadn’t quite remembered the rules of genetics, that it is quite possible we’ll have blue eyed children.

Aren’t we lucky?

Maggie Rose is only three months old, so her eyes may change … but I kinda hope not.  I like seeing my Grandma Ivey looking out at me with those baby blues.

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