There’s a lot going on in our little beekeeping world right now.  The weather is still gorgeous, startling us each morning with cornflower blue skies that pop against the silver mountains.  We had a dusting of snow last week, and a freeze that signaled the end of honey production season, but all the snow is melted now, and it’s a little hard to watch Honeydew and the crew stripping the hives of supers, preparing the bees for winter.  The honey extracting continues at a madcap pace, and we’ve got another truck coming tonight!  Jackie is here, checking on her bees that joined us for the summer.  Too busy to document all of this, but did want to share with y’all these shots of what Maggie’s been up to.

We attended a lovely wedding at Chico Hot Springs over the weekend, and Maggie went swimming for the first time.

Come to find out, Brother Dear, Howard and I also did a little swimming at Chico, when we were young.  Funny what you forget till your Mama tells you upon your return.  Definitely explains that strange sense of deja vu I kept having!

We had a blast on our first family “vacation,” and are looking forward to the end of the honey production season.  More on that later this week!

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