Brother Dear is obsessed with NFL football, probably because he went to a college known for its academics.

I am obsessed with SEC football, definitely because I went to a college known for its football team.  GO DAWGS.

At any rate, Brother Dear’s NFL obsession led to a Fantasy Football obsession, and recently he sucked the rest of the Hillhouse Pseudo Family (me, Honeydew, Brother Dear, Pseudo Sista, and the 2011 Summer Help – Keith and Chase) into Fantasy Football, too.

I didn’t really know what Fantasy Football entailed until our draft, last week – essentially, through a computerized process hosted by, you and you friends each “own” an NFL team.  During “the draft,” the computer presents you with a list of all the current NFL players and allows you to fill your team with a combination of those players.  The order in which you and your friends fill these rosters is randomized, and there is much teeth gnashing over who gets to go first (i.e. who gets to draft the #1 NFL pick, in their own “fantasy”), how many running backs to draft, etc, especially if you actually pay attention to the NFL and the names flashing across the screen mean something to you.  Once the teams are filled, the teams are set against each other in a competition to see whose fantasy roster of players will garner the most points.

This week, Brother Dear and I went head to head.  NFL Obsession versus Sister Who Chose Her Team Based On Georgia Grads, “Uniqueness” Of Players’ Names, and The Gorgeous Manning Brothers.  In other words, Brother Dear has a team of the best of the NFL, and I have a team of players with names like Knowshon, Santonio, Eli, and Peyton – who is already out for the season, so it seems.  Sigh.  And Knowshon, Georgia grad though he may be, racked up enough negative points yesterday as to wind up with only two.  Needless to say, Brother Dear won.

But anyway, I don’t care as much about The Fantasy as I care about The Tailgating, an art I perfected in Athens, Georgia.  And I like The Fantasy because The Tailgating has centered around the Warehome.  And why not?  We can tailgate in our living room, thanks to the Warehome’s garage doors!

Convenient, no?

Surely to start an Architectural Digest trend.


Cheers to The Tailgating, y’all.  And Knowshon, I surely expect better out of you next week.

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